Coding Academy Complete Course Package

Coding Academy Complete Course Package

The Summer Coding Academy @Home is a comprehensive concentrated curriculum designed to teach high school students the fundamentals of coding. This complete course package encompasses both Levels I and II, and thus involves 10 days of instruction separated into two different weeks. Students can choose to take Levels I and II non-consecutively, as long as Level I precedes Level II. Please choose your preferred program dates below.

Level I will give students the knowledge, guidance, and resources they need to understand the basic functions of a code as well as creating their own video game in scratch. With different levels available, projects from the week will range from various programming challenges to creating a multi-page website from scratch. Languages and frameworks covered are Scratch, HTML, CSS, Python 3, Jinja, Flask.

Level II is fantastic for students who know their way around coding and are interested in learning about web development. Day one will be a fast-paced walkthrough of JavaScript, so significant experience with another language or JavaScript will be essential for success in this course. Students work on projects, learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React.JS, Styled Components, Git, and Heroku. By the end of the week, you will know how to build websites using React and be able to share them with the world!

Spaces fill up so make sure to secure your spot today! Choose your preferred program dates below.