Our Programs

Summer Business Academy @Home

The Summer Business Academy @Home is a concentrated 5-day curriculum designed to teach you the fundamentals of launching your business: idea generation, market research, business plans and pitches, competitive analysis, and generating funding. Each day begins with an in-depth analysis of one aspect of this journey, culminating in the unique opportunity for students to present their own business. Beyond business components, this program also provides insight into interview strategies and resume building skills to help students land any coveted internship or job. The Summer Business Academy @Home aims to provide students with a comprehensive education of business fundamentals and a valuable hands-on experience so they will be ready to enter and succeed in the business world.

Summer Coding Academy @Home (Levels I & II)

The Summer Coding Academy @Home is focused on introducing the concepts of coding in Python (Level I) and/or webflow with JavaScript and React.JS (Level II). This program is divided into two levels based on prior experience with coding. Level I is perfect for students who are interested in learning to code in one of the most universal and practical coding languages. In addition to abstraction and algorithmic thinking, students will learn fundamental building blocks of procedural programming including variables, conditions, loops, functions, and file input/output. By the end of this course, you will be able to further study all that can be accomplished with Python or bootstrap yourself into learning another language. 

Level II is fantastic for students who know their way around coding and are interested in learning about web development. Day one will be a fast-paced walkthrough of JavaScript, so significant experience with another language or JavaScript will be essential for success in this course. Students work on projects, learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React.JS, Styled Components, Git, and Heroku. By the end of the week, you will know how to build websites using React and be able to share them with the world!

Summer Politics Academy @Home

The Summer Politics Academy @Home is an intensive five-day online summer program for high school students interested in politics. The core of the SPA@Home is around it’s forums: You will be taught by Harvard students who are looking to work in policy in interactive seminars with political topics including, human rights law, international relations and what makes a good campaign. We will also bring in a renowned speaker in the field to talk about the real world of politics and their own experiences. Throughout SPA@Home, students will also have the opportunity to form groups and tackle a policy problem that they are personally passionate about. Our model is based on hands-on learning where students are faced with the same challenges high-level political decision makers face everyday. Throughout the week, students will work together in diagnosing symptoms, getting to the core of the problem, and finding innovative solutions with the skills they learn each day of the course. This culminates in group presentations at the end of the week where students present their research and provide actionable policy recommendations.

Summer Pre-Med Academy @Home

The Summer Pre-Med Academy @Home presents an opportunity for students interested in medical sciences to learn about core concepts from the Pre-Med curriculum and about the pursuit of a career in the medical field. The SPMA@Home will be divided into two levels, which alternate each week. The SPMA Level I focuses on the key concepts of genetics and hormones, exploring the building blocks of life and the mechanisms that make our bodies work. The program also explores case studies on various diseases of the human body. The SPMA Level II presents a deeper dive into mechanisms of the human body, starting with a brief refresher in genetic material before diving into complex immunology and viral diseases like the Coronavirus, which will culminate in a brief research project surrounding the organic chemistry of vaccines. In addition to curricular content, both courses will inform students about the path to the medical profession, including study strategies for the Pre-Med track and the MCAT, application advice for medical school, Q&A sessions with and more!