Our Programs

Fall Business Academy @Home

The Fall Business Academy @Home is a concentrated 4-day curriculum designed to teach you the fundamentals of launching your business: idea generation, market research, business plans and pitches, competitive analysis, and generating funding. Each day begins with an in-depth analysis of one aspect of this journey, culminating in the unique opportunity for students to present their own business. Beyond business components, this program also provides insight into interview strategies and resume building skills to help students land any coveted internship or job. Students will gain a comprehensive education of business fundamentals and valuable hands-on experience so they will be ready to enter and succeed in the business world.

Fall Coding Academy @Home (Levels I & II)

The Fall Coding Academy @Home is a comprehensive curriculum designed to teach high school students the fundamentals of coding. Level I is perfect for students who are interested in learning to code in one of the most universal and practical coding languages. The program will give students the knowledge, guidance, and resources they need to understand the basic functions of code. In addition to abstraction and algorithmic thinking, students will learn fundamental building blocks of procedural programming including variables, conditions, loops, functions, and file input/output. Projects from the weekends will include various programming challenges that will get students acquainted with Python, setting them up with the tools to tackle our Fall Coding Academy’s Level II program, which includes frameworks like HTML, React.JS, and more (coming soon!).  

Fall Campaign Management Academy @Home

As we come up on the US Presidential Election, the Campaign Management Academy is a great way to get students oriented towards the political landscape of modern America in a relevant and exciting way.  Students will be coached through existing policy in consideration umbrellas like jobs and the economy, energy and the environment, public health and healthcare, the justice system, and more.  The program will culminate in a final project case study that involves creating their own Presidential platform and campaigning for election in a fictional country.

Fall Pre-Med Academy @Home

The Fall Pre-Med Academy @Home Level I covers various topics within the Pre-Medical field, including content modules on genetic inheritance, hormones, immunology and organic chemistry. The program also explores case studies on various diseases, poses medical ethics questions, and offers an opportunity to dissect scientific papers. Furthermore, this academy will prepare you for a career in medicine by providing an overview of the MCAT process, giving you a taste of the journey you will embark on in the near future.

The Fall Pre-Med Academy @Home Level II relies on prior knowledge from the Level I program (or a curricular equivalent) to give students the tools to fill the shoes of an emergency room doctor or a triage nurse in patient care. Students will learn about human physiology, the pathologies that affect it, and the tools needed to diagnose and treat those pathologies in a curriculum curated by physicians from Massachusetts General Hospital and professors of medicine from Harvard Medical School.