The Pre-Med Level I Academy @HOME

 The Pre-Med Level I Academy @HOME provides students with the unique opportunity to delve into the pre-medical field. The Academy covers various topics, including content modules on genetic inheritance, hormones, immunology and organic chemistry. The program also explores case studies on various diseases, poses medical ethics questions, and offers an opportunity to dissect scientific papers. Furthermore, this academy will prepare you for a career in medicine by providing an overview of the MCAT process, as well as the chance to hear first-hand about the process from Harvard students.

Analyze case studies. 

Learn to diagnose and treat patients.

Accessible Education. Harvard Quality.

Program Overview: Pre-Med Level I

The goals of Pre-Med I are to introduce students to the fundamentals of pre-medical studies. We hope to provide an extensive overview of pre-med while also encouraging students to think critically and quickly. Each day, we will begin with an in-depth lecture covering an important aspect to the medical field, ranging from genetics to organic chemistry. We then transition into hands-on activities created to orient students to the realities of working in medicine. Our program guides students through topics and higher order thinking skills necessary to succeed in the medical field. 

Our goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for students to be confident and knowledgeable about the path to medical school. We aim to instill courage in our students to pursue a career in medicine.

Schedule: Pre-Med Level I

Day 1

Introductions & Icebreakers

Program Overview & Final Project Introduction

Module: Genetics

Genetics Interactive Activity

Group Work Time: Disease Preferences

Day 2

Module: Immunology

CRISPR Case Study

Final Project Group Work

How to be Pre-Med + Q&A


Day 3

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

ORGO Module 1: Hydrocarbons & Alkanes

ORGO Module 2: Alkyl Side Groups & Naming

ORGO Module 3: Other Side Groups

Final Practice & Wrap Up


Day 4


Harvard Q&A

Day 5 (Summer)

Guest Speaker - usually a Harvard professor or graduate student; sometimes a leading expert in the field.

More Interactive Activities with Genetics & Immunology Modules

Medical Professionals Activity