Level I, $200.

Pre-Med Academy @HOME Level I covers modules on genetics, complex immunology, and viral diseases.

The program explores case studies on various diseases, poses medical ethical questions, and offers an opportunity to dissect scientific papers

Furthermore, this academy prepares students for a career in medicine by providing an overview of the MCAT process.

Level II, $250

Pre-Med Academy @HOME Level II presents a deeper dive into the hands-on medical world

Starting with a deep dive on the different aspects on human anatomy and physiology, the course explores an introduction to the world of medicine and introduces you to the basics of diagnosing and treating emergency patients.



level I, $200

Coding Academy @HOME Level I teaches the basics of coding.

Students will gain the knowledge, guidance, and resources needed to understand the basic functions of a code as well as create their own video game in Scratch

Languages and frameworks covered are Scratch, HTML, CSS, Python 3, Jinja, and Flask. 

No prior coding experience is necessary.

Level II, $250 

Coding Academy @HOME Level II is for students who know their way around coding and are interested in web development

Significant experience with another language or JavaScript is essential for success in this course. Students will work on projects involving HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React.JS, Styled Components, Git, and Heroku

By the end of the program, students will know how to build websites using React and be able to share them with the world!


Pre-Law Academy

Pre-Law Academy, $200

The Pre-Law Academy @HOME is a unique pre-professional course oriented towards introducing the field of law to high school students. 

The course covers due process of law, landmark court cases in American legal history, and much more! In particular, we are excited to partner with the Harvard Office of Career Services to orient students towards the LSAT, the difficult-to-navigate requirements of the application to Law School, and the many careers in the world of law. 

This program seeks to give students not only the tools of a pre-law student, but also an awareness of history and the current events that contextualize law in society today.



Business Academy, $200

The Business Academy @HOME teaches the fundamentals of launching a business: idea generation, market research, business plans and pitches, competitive analysis, and generating funding. 

Beyond business components, this program also provides insight into interview strategies and resume building skills to help students land any coveted internship or job. 

Students will gain a comprehensive education of business fundamentals and valuable hands-on experience so they will be ready to enter and succeed in the business world.


Politics Academy

Politics Academy, $200

The Politics Academy @HOME is centered around its forums. You will be taught by Harvard students who are looking to work in policy in interactive seminars with political topics including human rights law, international relations and what makes a good campaign. Throughout the course, students will also have the opportunity to form groups and tackle a policy problem that they are personally passionate about.  

 Our model is based on hands-on learning where students are faced with the same challenges high-level political decision makers face everyday. Throughout the week, students will work together in diagnosing symptoms, getting to the core of the problem, and finding innovative solutions with the skills they learn each day of the course.  

 This culminates in group presentations at the end of the week where students present their research and provide actionable policy recommendations.