How it works

Small class sizes

All online courses are intimately sized, allowing personalized attention between our Harvard student instructors and students. Students will form close relationships and receive attentive feedback on their work from qualified instructors that care. There's no loss of connection, as we transition to a distance-learning model. 

An Academies Zoom Call


Enriched schedules

Courses are designed to be as interactive, engaging, and involved as possible. Different academies will include scheduled time for lectures, practice times, and workshops on various topics. For example, a day in a pre-med academy might look like: 

Pre-Med Academy Schedule

Trusted Technology 

The Academies @Home uses Zoom video conferencing software in all instruction. The service is easy to use with or without an account, and allows for efficient teaching in a digital space. While students are encouraged to use their cameras to create as close to a "classroom experience" as possible, it's perfectly okay to leave the camera off. All Harvard student instructors are very well versed in the technology and all its features. Using this expertise, we've compiled a helpful "How to Use Zoom" guide for those unfamiliar with the program.

Worried about safety in Zoom classrooms? Fear not. With the newest security features offered by Zoom, students and their experiences will be kept secure and private. 

 Secure Zoom Connection