Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the program?

Academies @Home is brought to you by students in Harvard Student Agencies. HSA is the world's largest student-run business and the original Harvard start-up. Check us out on our website at Instructors are all current students at Harvard.

What ages can participate in the Academies @Home?

Any high school student is eligible for the program. It is possible that we make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Please contact with any questions.

Is there financial aid available?

Financial aid is offered on a case-by-case basis. To reach out regarding financial aid, please contact us at

What does the tuition cover?

Tuition covers the cost of 16 hours of instruction (4 hours per weekend day) as well as 4-5 hours worth of asynchronous learning, depending on the course. Tuition also includes all course materials. 

Do I need any prior experience to attend Academies @Home?

The curriculums are designed to cater to those with all levels of experience. For programs that rely on prior knowledge like Pre-Med or Coding, we alternate an introductory and advanced course on a weekly basis; see the programs page for more information. 

What do the online programs include? 

We’ve reformatted our curricula for online instruction, cutting down 40 hours of instruction and activities to 16. Despite the reduced hours, the program will still offer the same transformative experience that summer students traditionally receive: courses will be led by Harvard students, will feature a cast of wonderful guest speakers, and will offer every student the opportunity to explore a potential passion.

Will prices be lower because of the new online format? 

The Summer Academies were $795 per week per student, whereas the Academies @Home will be just $200!

What do we do if we live in a distant time zone? 

We’ve done our best to pick times for the courses that are relatively accessible for students across the United States. Unfortunately, we are limited by the size of our classes and by the schedules of our speakers and instructors, so certain times may not be viable. Stay tuned for scheduling updates!

Can I reschedule my program session? 

Students are welcome to reschedule their session, at no additional cost, to a later program date by reaching out to, as long as this occurs by the Monday before the originally scheduled session. For example, if the student has purchased a course scheduled to start on November 7th, 2020, then the student or guardian must contact us by November 2nd, 2020 to reschedule. If the student or guardian requests to reschedule a session after the Friday deadline, a $40 fee will be charged to the original method of payment.

Can I cancel my enrollment in a course? 

The student or guardian can cancel their course enrollment, and doing so will incur a $40 fee. In other words, once an enrollment has been canceled, a refund of $160 will be issued to the original method of payment. If there are extenuating and uncontrollable circumstances, this fee may be waived on a case-by-case basis. If you believe this applies to you, please contact us at