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Thank you so much for applying to The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies, and congratulations on qualifying for an exclusive discount. The mission of The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies is to provide opportunities for high school students that transcend the traditional classroom topics. Regardless of background, we hope to be the connection between students and Harvard quality exploratory courses. Through collaborative work with peers across the globe and access to trained Harvard undergraduate instructors, we are dedicated to helping all students feel confident in navigating their futures.

We are always recruiting talented, ambitious high school students to enroll in our programs, so we are excited to welcome you to our programs. From the recommendation of your teacher(s) and your outstanding application, we are offering you an exclusive discount code to use at checkout nominee15. You can explore more of our course offerings on our programs page, but if you're ready to get a jumpstart on your future and learn from a Harvard undergraduate student, you can enroll now!