Summer Pre-Med Academy @Home

The Summer Pre-Med Academy @Home presents an opportunity for students interested in medical sciences to learn about core concepts from the Pre-Med curriculum and about the pursuit of a career in the medical field. The SPMA@Home will be divided into two levels, which alternate each week. Pre-Med Academy Level I covers modules on genetics, complex immunology, and viral diseases. The program explores case studies on various diseases, poses medical ethical questions, and offers an opportunity to dissect scientific papers. Pre-Med Academy Level II presents a deeper dive into the hands-on medical world. Starting with a deep dive on the different aspects on human anatomy and physiology, the course explores an introduction to the world of medicine and introduces you to the basics of diagnosing and treating emergency patients. Please note that the Level II curriculum assumes an in-depth prior knowledge of biology at the AP level or equivalent. In addition to curricular content, both courses will inform students about the path to the medical profession, including study strategies for the Pre-Med track and the MCAT, application advice for medical school, Q&A sessions with and more!